Hi! I’m Guilherme Nunes, a brazilian art director, living and working in Lisbon.

I was born in Rio de Janeiro and started my career there, when I was 17. After 5 years working in several agencies and small studios, I moved to São Paulo, where I got to work on a couple other agencies, such as AlmapBBDO.

In 2012, I was loving São Paulo but I really had to get away. I headed to Dublin to have a sabbatical time to study, gain new life experiences and travel around Europe. After 3 months, I was really really happy but had absolutely no money. So, I came back to Brazil and had the opportunity to be Digital Creative Coordinator at Fullpack - where I also met my lovely wife.

In 2013 I was invited to be part of the Leo Burnett Lisboa - and we got married. We became a family ever since and it's running along so great that, in my second year living here, I was listed the Best Art Director on the Creatives Club of Portugal's 2015 official ranking - - and the agency became Best Agency of The Year.

In 2018, I moved to Publicis Lisboa to be Creative Director / Head of Art.
After less then one year, we were elected for the first time Best Integration and Innovation Agency on the Creatives Club of Portugal.

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Personal Projects:
gnunes myopia . sinchiboadúvidas não existenciais . semeadura